Learning Skills to Toddlers, A Program for Parents.

Foundation brings in a new didactic DVD package.

Albanian Children Foundation brings the new instrument in the field of therapeutic education for children with autism spectrum disorder. It is “Learning Skills to Toddlers, A Program for Parents”, a project which has come as a collaboration of the foundation and “Autism Speaks” and the University of “Connecticut” and is genuinely a research sponsored by ” Autism Speaks “and National Institute of Health in the US.

The project which has already begun in December 2014, comes in the form of a composite material from 6 DVD 6 chapters and 4 chapters as a textbook. It teaches parents step-by-step how to work with their children. Filming materials of 6 DVD package presents concrete examples of therapy guidelines and processes with video clips recorded specially for this purpose, and correctly oriented toward the parents how to do the right thing with their children to succeed.

This pack brings up to another level the foundation work in the most remote areas of the country, where quality services will take time to be introduced. So families living in remote areas and have no possibility of being close to a therapist, can be informed and educated through this very worthwhile program visually.

The Therapeutic program which is believed to be the best in the world for the moment, is designed by professors Deborah Fein and Lynn Brennan that a good part of our audience know them through their books translated and published in Albanian. Currently the project it is extended to 4 cities: Tirana, Elbasan, Korça and Berat.

The Foundation has the copyright to the text in Albania as well as the right to distribute this material and republish the material for Albanian speaking families in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Serbia etc.