A warm reception for Mr. Scaglione, the founder of the Foundation.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, the Albanian Children Foundation organized a reception in honor and Appreciation of the founder of the foundation, Mr. Domenick Scaglione.

This reception was held to respect the contribution and the human values that the founder and architect of the Albanian Children Foundation, Mr. Domenick Scaglione, has dedicated the last 20 years in terms of health and well-being of Albanian children witnessing tremendous encouragement not only for their families but for the Albanian society as a whole.

In this event, attended by friends, collaborators, donors and parents, President of the Foundation, Dr. Liri Berisha, in her greeting dedicated to this figure expressed her deep gratitude, for the contribution and humanism of Mr. Scaglione.

” Dear Mr. Dominick, I feel glad and privileged to have the opportunity today to express my deepest gratitude and honor, that of staff and parents, but even that of many, many Albanians for what you started to do exactly in their most difficult moments of their existence. . A considerable number of children, sick and hopeless for life, are living today along their family love, thanks to your generosity and tender-heart. Others, unlucky, orphaned or abandoned without any support were educated and work today thanks to your humanism You, dear Dominick, devoted to the Albanian pain because you believed in God and knew that no one appreciates life more than one who has seen the misery and the poverty verge. Like a missionary, you were beside those little and suffered hearts without words, without ado, without exaggerations.. ”

Most touching moments were those of gratitude from people who have benefited from the contribution of the Foundation.

Kristi Myhedini, student, who graduated through a scholarship as a result of cooperation of the Foundation with non-public universities, thanked Mr. Scaglione for the possibility that the Foundation gave her and dozens of young people, giving as a sign of respect, a silver pen.

It was a very emotional moment for Pranvera Bega, Sarah’s mother, who treated the girl with autism at Autism Center No.2. She thanked Mr.Scaglione for the opportunities that the Foundation has provided for the development of the girl, giving a painting made by Sasra, to convey a part her deeply spiritual world and unique talent she possesses.

Amid tears and emotion, Mr. .Scalgione thanked Dr.  Liri Berisha for the reception and meeting of associates and friends of the Foundation. He said that thanks to the humanity we all do better and that the mission must go on and more powerful. He advised that nothing else does a person richer in life except that of giving and the weakest. If we share more attention for the poor and people in need, according to him, then not only you will we be at peace with yourself but will make the lives of others more beautiful.

The reception was addressed by Mr. Genc Boga, representatives of the board of the Foundation, Mrs. Eva Mane, business representatives, donors of the Foundation and Michael Granoff, director of the Albanian American Fund. They appreciated the important role of founder Scaglione in building and growing of the foundation praising his vision and personal contribution invested in all these years.

My child is autistic? What do I do?

Dr.Liri Berisha,Global Autism Achievement Award.

Albanian Children Foundation empowers the techniques of intervention for children with autism.

Now adult children suffering from autism do not feel abandoned anymore. Intervention opportunities for this age are becoming real for the first time in Albania. Thanks to the latest techniques being introduced by the Albanian Children Foundation, the Regional Center for Autism in Farka has provided its therapists with the most recently method, “Pivotal Response treatment” that helps adult children to easily develop skills acquired through individual therapy, in any other premises that the child goes.

Regional Center for Autism in Farka put another milestone in terms of treating Autism spectrum disorder expanding its professionals’ vision. With the support of the Albanian Children Foundation, the Regional Autism Center held a few day training for its staff of therapists with new methods of treatment for children affected by the autism spectrum disorder. For this purpose, with the recommendation of the “Autism Speaks” International Organization, the Foundation has invited to Albania two trainers from California, US that are part of one of the most avanguard communities in the application of modern methods of autism spectrum disorder. They are Janice Chan and Tiffany Wang of the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, which are experts specialized in one of the latest and contemporary methods called “Pivotal Response Teaching” (PRT).

Under the guidance and assistance of the two trainers, PRT methods is introduced for the first time in Albania by Albanian Children Foundation for the professionals working with children in the Regional Center for Autism in Farka. This training would not have been possible without the chain of training currently available in the ABA, which principles are applied in the Center.

Ms. Tiffany Wang, Child and Adolescent Services Research Center, Rady Children’s Hospital, San
Diego says: The Pivotal Response Treatment pays much attention and takes advantage is that it focuses in motivating the child. First we see what the child likes more and after we receive these preferences, we keep the level of motivation so that he might be ready and disposed to be learned. The advantage of this method from the others is its naturalness. So, this can develop into any environment from teacher, parent or therapist and skill’s development is easier at the therapy rooms, at home or in class.

But what are the benefits for children affected by autism spectrum by implementing this method?

Janice Chan, expert at the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, says: What we are doing at the Autism Center in Farka is moving this intervention from one to one therapy to group therapy. I was informed that the Albanian Children Foundation is preparing for the opening of a center with different classes for older children and what brings this training is to use this method in classes. This model empowers the treatment received till now and raises it to a new level to intervene in more complicated and problematic cases of autism spectrum disorder. This working model after learned from the therapists, adds the interventionist techniques skills, which in other words means: all this will be translated into interventions to a greater number of children, whether they are older or untreated before.

Denada, mamja Emilisë , sfidon Autizmin e së bijës duke sjellë në jetë djem binjakë në ditën ndërkombëtare të Autizmit. (EN)

Denada Çapi: Autism is not a tragedy, the ignorance is!