Kosovo, 1 in 100 children with autism

The conference on the rights of children with autism is held.

1 in 100 children is born with autism in Kosovo. Many of them kept the hidden for the society by their families and the cases appear not supported by anyone. This condition of children with autism spectrum disorder became known at the “National policies on protecting the rights of persons with autism in Kosovo “organized by the Office for Good Governance in the Government of Kosovo two days ago in Prishtina. The Albanian Children Foundation as the main guest at the discussion panel was represented by the psychologist, Dr. Oriola Pampuri.

Dr.Pampuri presented in this conferences the Foundation as an example of best model for treatment in the Region and the improvement of these children. The working model of this foundation, through the Regional Centers for Autism 1 and 2, based entirely on scientific standards of the international organization “Autism Speaks” said Ms. Papmuri, enabled over 40 children to attend school while the foundation’s role on raising awareness has convinced many families to seek help when they notice the first sign Due to the awareness, today the age of early diagnosis has decreased from 3.5 years that was some years ago, to 1.5 years.

Dr. Oriola Pampuri “Common Education, Faster integration ”

In the scientific topic “Common Education, Faster integration” that Dr. Pampuri presented in this conference, was emphasized that Inclusion is a belief that all students can be part of general education. The philosophy of inclusion by Dr. Pampuri reduces the doubt between special education system and that of general education. The studies show that thanks to the inclusion of autistic children in public schools with the presence of a therapist, the child acquires an improved behavior and social verbal skill in the classroom. Autistic children, have the potential to improve as much as other children. Using the right strategies, many of them show a significant improvement in such an environment.

President of the Autism Society,  Cene Krasniqi: “Children with autism are not supported.”

“Society needs to know that we work with them in childhood, they can become contributors to the society; may become independent and contribute to this society, but if we do not do and if we do not work with them at this youth stage they will be quite a burden to the society even in the future. As such there is a need for opening many other centers to accommodate them or let them without support, “said Krasniqi.

Autism Conference aimed reaching out needs for those affected by autism and addressed in state institutions in order to develop policies to protect the citizens suffering of this phenomenon.