Autism this year spoke from Kukës

Kukës with a new center for autistic children. The foundation supports furnishing the center and staff training

Kukës spoke this April for Autism. For the first time the scope of services for children with autism spectrum disorder will also be in the northern part of Albania, Kukës, turning thus Kukës into the first city that embraces the social policies for this category, not only in the human dimension but also the institutional one.

Mr. Bashkim Shehu ,Kukës Mayor, during the announcement of the project for the reconstruction of the social center, said that in his city the phenomenon of autism spectrum disorder has increased significantly in recent years and the number of families seeking help for treating their children with specialized therapeutic services has increased.

According to Mr.Shehu, Kukës Municipality, the Albanian Children Foundation and the Swiss Cooperation Office will modernize this service center to offer standardized internationally certified academic programs.

On behalf of the Albanian Children Foundation, Dr.Liri Berisha, congratulated Kukës Municipality for this initiative and expressed the generous contribution of the Foundation to identify social services that will be offered, provision with books and methods, as well as staff training.

In a message addressed to local professionals and parents present at the event, Dr. Liri Berisha emphasized the inclusion of these children in public educational structures and therapeutic delivery of free health services. Integration of these children is an investment for the future. Let us give them a hand today, so that tomorrow they may be independent- concluded Mrs.Berisha.