Inauguration of the Second Regional Center for Autism for adult children

Inauguration of the Second Regional Center for Autism for adult children.
The investment is supported by the Government of Kuwait
After the inauguration of the Regional Center for Autism in Farka, 3 and a half years later the Albanian Children Foundation inaugurates another Regional Center for Autism, but this time for adult children over the age of 7.
This center was the result of a generous gift of the Government of Kuwait, which has financed its establishment and thanks to the continuous support of Kuwait Foundation AQWAF. Ministry of Aqwaf an Islamic Affairs, General-Secretariat of Aqwaf, Zakat House and International Islamic Charitable Organization helped on the establishment of this center.
After a standardized work of the staff of therapist and employees of the Center in Farka on modern methods, many children not only have overcome the “non communication” condition, but around 20 of them have been integrated into public and private schools in the country.
This integration is accompanied by the manifestation of many talents in certain fields, making their potential even more powerful. To further develop these potentials as well as to ensure their social integration through empowering of a profession, Albanian Children Foundation made possible the opening of this second center.